UFOs have become a reality in films as well Tv series and a hit in the 21st century

If you believe in God, does that make you religious.? What is God ? Who is God ? Where does he come from? It says in the bible in Genesis God created the heavens and the Earth. Which proves he was not religious, but a creator in human terms our maker of all living things. If the words stated in the beginning  God created the heavens and the Earth. How did he do it. It tells us each day for seven days in Genesis.how it all happened, so what was the technology in how he did it. But before we go even further. It is very descriptive as if. God might have come from space and used his technology from a spaceship that could have some feasibility to it, logistically. This also explains God might have been alien. Through out humanity and through out the ages, it has been reported in the scriptures as well today in mainstream, which explains why UFOS might have existed, it sounds plausible and still a secret to this day. Many movies have been made even the great Orson wells broadcasted a practicle joke on his radio program. That panicked Americia even novelists and poets through out the ages. Have made assumptions about UFOs as well tv series as Star Trek and Lost in space, it has become an directors as well an Actors dream,