Is nagging healthy in a realtionship ?

Some say nagging is healthy, in a recent survey someone wrote that its healthy nagging a man,common sense has to come into effect, why don’t men do it, the trouble with nagging it instigates violent behaviour that can lead to grievously bodily  harm, and violence in the home in the 21st century, is inappropriate and dangerous, both gender in hindsight have to communicate if they want a healthy marriage,working together and lead by example for their children, this helps the family not only have security but also have a safe enviroment and stability in the home.the same applies in society.

What created our solar sytem ? or is the Big bang theory a misguided Truth ?


In general they say what created the universe, was it a Big Bang ? Or something else ? Before the Big Bang existed in hindsight the universe has to exists before the Big Bang evolved. Thus the universe  was already there, but the fundamental truth, what started it was it a combination of solar sytems.simulantiousely  creating other solar Systems expanding the universe, there was no big bang, only a collision of a gigantic comet that has rock,ice and water that was enough to create planets in the solar system, and to produce life.

when the comet crashed into the sun, the debris of rock ,water, ice, and trace elements, started a process of accretion that helped  built the planets in the solar system.this explains why comets in general have an elliptical orbit.around the sun.most ancient comets still do today, my guess that halleys comet could have helped created our solar Sytem.Before a comet arrived, there was only a sun and dark matter which came to be traversed and changed into electro magnetic waves after the collision, which helped all the planets keep in orbit around the sun.