Are we alone In the universe ?

Humans are  tertorial in general,to each town or city they fall into a rut and it becomes routine and it becomes the norm,and believe and think they are the only ones, it’s a place where often they want to settle down, and stay there for a few years and it comes a way of life.and then a few years more it comes routine then it becomes terotorial, ideology society,whether it’s a town,place,or city. this happens for townsfolk they eventually come locals, as the years progress but when a stranger comes to town,all of a sudden people talk,and treat you like a stranger as if you don’t belong there then in time you know the people and soon they accept you.and this continues for thousands of years.going place to place city to to country.

it Takes explorers like Marco Polo, captain cook, Christopher columbus to discover other lands and now in the 2st century we are all united ad a multi cultural world.once again then it was in the begiining of our first civisations.

Now it’s 2017 it’s time to get out there to explore our universe to contact other alien species, for a united  multi cultrael universe  of other Alien species.sounds weird or. Are we coming territorial again,seeking new way of life, like our ancestors done in the past, and a new beginning is upon us to start again.once more