Who are protecting our youth of today? Not the parent or is it? Or even Human services.well who is ?

Teenagers today have more rights than common sense.if you argue with them, they turn it around and tell lies, it happened to me not long ago. I was taking a photo of myself  for my media   Site, a young boy 14 shouted out, and said, quote I am sexy take a photo of me, you know you wanted it.unquote  I was horrified what a frustrated disturb little  boy. It made me think about Rolf Harris locked up in jail and thought what if the allegations were made up and it was all lies, and without evidence, after all Rolf Harris was most likely targeted. and most likely innocent till proven guilty,.vetdict was inadmissible why, because in courts today you are guilty of charged of what the papers say. If it’s in the papers it must be true but in reality it’s only speculation that’s how they make money.

its intriguing why the youth of today feel like what they say and  get away with it. While the older generation think they are darlings they don’t tell lies blame the parents, they should set an example, and human services step in and  take the child away for poor parenting skills.

Family breakdown of values and Mental illness

It’s common of dysfunctional family’s are more common than ever, family values have gone because of money and greed, and often family’s pick on the sensitive family member who can’t stand up to themselves, why because they are soft and easy targets from other siblings, they are easy targeted, and become violent and aggressive or do they. In the press the sensitive ones are often portrayed as having a mental illness or have committed suicide. And often in rehab of no fault of their own.

yes if there is Money involved and alienating children because they are different and don’t stand up for themselves are often good to family and unfortunately cop the burden in helping out more than the siblings or parent in general they are the most picked on ,bullied and often persecuted all the time,they are in strong in character and often put family first than the family in general.as they normally pass blame on the sensitive member of the family that was once the rock of the family now taken advantage of and most family members who do the good thing often are punished, this is where the term.Why are Good  people get hurt more than others,