Time pAradox has many multi dimensions of multi universal proximnity of laws in the universe.

Dont get confused that time travel is a paradox it’s not.Time pAradox is its right form of spelling with the capital A representing the Pyrmaids of Europe and other civilisations.

the universe itself and other planets have also pAradoxes on every 🌎 in our Planetary universe. The first lesson is like on Earth nothing is what it seems, Time travel has many dimensions of space and time, there are no clocks in space 🚀 but an an abundance of hydrogen that gives life to the universe, and is the most common element in space. To grasp time travel is like transporting back in time or. Going  forward into the future. Our brain represents many secrets of the mind of time travel as well made up of star dust and particles, when we as humans were created space particles and dust as well earth magnets of minerals have combined to make up the brain, if you close your eyes what do you see, multi dimensions of colours to portholes of dimensions of our past present and future, there is also a hidden secret of the brain not yet discovered, only you can discover that hidden secret of who you are.that makes us all different and unique. Some of us have the gift 🎁 some of us don’t,explore ,take your time discover who you really are that makes you unique