23 August 2017 could be the End of Times I emphasis could be ?

the signs are there in revelation and come to pass massive complications will be the downfall of the human race,we can’t stop it or can we?

we are overdue for a downfall of Humanity a civilisation solely coming to an end.can we avoid it, well I am trying to turn the tide who knows, humanity has lost its way.

in this day and age God is 💀 according to a majority of people and they are cursing God,and creating an atmosphere that God is religious.how wrong they are,

Genesis 1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth,

hence the word created and God was a creator of humankind and as well this Earth 🌏 to abuse God as religious had humans cursed him as religious in this era the 21st century should have studied biblical texts,before going off and targeted our maker has disregard to human life as well as others.

to lose faith is to lose the eyes of faith of God in John 1