Is there evidence that humans lived on this planet ? Sounds stupid and through observations it’s true.i have to ask is there evidence that Giants lived on this planet ?

If Giants lived here on this planet and through observation ,they do exist. Like any other species gone before them. Some species do die out and it’s that unusual one that has that Gene still exist today or they hibernating because of our massive population problem and frightened  if they come out in the public arena. They would be persecuted and others will call them freak.

Hate crime why ?

It seems the society gets worse by the day

it is more common now than you think, where did it come from, you guessed it Reality Tv, where contestent are hammering at each other. From the core and  throwing vile insults to win it’s degrading, humiliating and Raw to the bone, it’s a matter of time that a contestant is killed on set,this reflects back on society.and where we are going in the future of the next generation.

And now heavy compacting of School shootings more common  than  ever.