Who’s phone is that ?

its common that more and more phone users are getting hacked into, we complain that someone is spying on us but in reality who is  and why should they do that. But is it your phone ? It’s not your phone for a start company’s like Telstra uses spyware to monitor your usages, they know how much usage you use, is it possible when you are under contract it’s not yours until it’s paid off, meanwhile if Telstra is monitoring your phone, not officially but it could be Telstra computer software that maybe not only your usages but easily tap into your account or hacking into it. They tell you different storys expecially Telstra who completely lies and more lies Just to make sure What you write but they are not the onLy ones, some information can be deleted on your phone

Whether it twitter ,or Facebook They have a moderator In what you write due to their guidance Policy guidelines twitter Had a go at me Fog sensitive photo up there, they chose one .thst was No different to the other photos And try to yo bully there way , but they all do it. Could it be possible they all steal what’s on your phone, my advice write it down on your diary

With AI  technology it will get worse over time ,it will read your thoughts and will be gone in a blink of an eye

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Jimmy's Den

I am a research scientist, ahead of mainstream, and ahead of my times.with continuous ideas,I love digging into the unknown to the mysterious universe and superstition.function of society and behaviour of people.and why forbidden knowledge must be remain hidden at all cost and for a reason.i don't like to trivialise, but find a reasonable explanation to get the heart of the truth to our unatural universe behaviour and life in general, life is not always logic there is always that unknown reason. Media short films leading roles to supporting roles,which one stood out the most. Twenty epidodes of an extra with Neighbours including a guest role which started the ball rolling for me.and moved on with Wordpress and imbdpro,Pinterest and imbd,as well casting frontier,so buckle up and take a look on my blog sit back with a cofee and emjoy the read

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