Why we live in a corrupt world and why it is getting worse ?

Money  comes first. Family in general non existence.this is one of many worse signs for human extinction through out the world. And more and more povety is spreading like wild fire.

can we stop it? Yes don’t workship money but help each other with love and support. If an elderly woman struggling Help her .but these days you try to help,you most likelely get abused,we live in an empowered world

How to support your child to reach to their potential

From one mother to their child, the child comes first, not the other way round. This cycle has to stop because long term the child will not only have emotional baggage,most likely become suicidal and no. it’s not a mental health condition, but an emotional condition. Let’s get things right for the child’s development, support their needs not the mother’s needs, yes it’s hurtful but comes to a time to a mother’s life  they have to  let Them go And let their child  To live their ways so they can build their own future ,And better Life with love and  compassion, understanding  and encouragement,And stop being over protective .this has bad consequencies of the child Long Term Welfare  and development and their future,they are playing with  and when it comes to a time  they feel  threatened.down the track And put them in a bad predictament it may be  possible  ineviatbly comit  Suicide

Do Aliens Exist ? Yes here’s why

Not often we look up to the sky, very rarely all of us are so busy and caught up with everyday life.

and if you look beyond our blue sky and think are we alone in the universe. And do you feel insecure that you think we are alone, it’s okay they exist. It’s no secret there are planets out there like our planet that roams with life.Everyday its okay they are from human origin too.all Alien species are. All we have to do is to think what Alien species are from they too question God and the existence of God that it’s true in Genesis

God created  all living things on this Earth as well our advanced universe

Do me a favour Read Genesis all of it and think how the word Genesis came about ,simple logic Human Genetetics It was where our genetics came about   came from in  the beginning in the  first place and is the origin of everything.and it came from  a Gene pod and  in our  Gene pod is is part of our make up and Genesis in another word means a birth of a Gene Chromozone

AI Technology has been around for a long time finally it has come upon us.It has been around since the early 60s

i can’t say anymore about this.there  is another technology that is very similar, Technology called

The Collective A I Technology.Much more advanced than we have today, that too will come soon and looking forward to it