Are we all becoming robots of AI Intelligence ?

in the begining of our race there were black slaves I am not being racist but like to stress a point, what they went through was Hell and the suffering they went through, they were slandered throughout so many years.the put downs and the adversity they went through.just because they were different. It seems slavery still exists today and this affects all walks of life.

big telcos corporatoons have AI intelligence controlling our data at a high cost to the consumer.but we need it to advance  our race or do we ?Are we all becoming slaves to AI technology,they do control out data as well.Tech companies making big profits to boost other technology in the future in the name of progress. By doing this they have become a New world order and now we are all addicted to the digital technology more than ever, just to keep up what’s out there. And keep our accounts active, why because we are all doing it. It has governing our lives and making us zombies to the screen 📺 and what’s next latest technology. I hope a transporter time capsule device to take me back in time with the dinosaurs so I can attack them and use them for food. Sounds creepy and not cool 😎 if you think about if we do that today with cows and sheep. Lambs they are meat most people eat today no difference eating a a T Rex in ancient times, they did that to put food on the table I wil repraze that meat 🍖 on the floor and had a great exercise programme than of today we are becoming to anxious these days. oh hang on just got a message on Facebook and a few emails I have to reply a text has come in must go on twitter so busy overtired I will sleep tomorrow night too much on right now bye

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Jimmy's Den

I am a research scientist, ahead of mainstream, and ahead of my times.with continuous ideas,I love digging into the unknown to the mysterious universe and superstition.function of society and behaviour of people.and why forbidden knowledge must be remain hidden at all cost and for a reason.i don't like to trivialise, but find a reasonable explanation to get the heart of the truth to our unatural universe behaviour and life in general, life is not always logic there is always that unknown reason. Media short films leading roles to supporting roles,which one stood out the most. Twenty epidodes of an extra with Neighbours including a guest role which started the ball rolling for me.and moved on with Wordpress and imbdpro,Pinterest and imbd,as well casting frontier,so buckle up and take a look on my blog sit back with a cofee and emjoy the read

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