With high mortgage stress and interest rates on a contract of a loan.is a lifetime comitment

This applies to anyone seeking a new home 🏡 struggling to put food on the table, because going into debt too fast to quick. It does not matter if you have a good job that’s pays well or a job you have been in for twenty years and get layed off. If you don’t have collateral there will be devastating consequences in the future. If you are married with children.in order to get a loan you have to prove to yourself you don’t need one in the first place. Do your maths and homework before you jump in deep water. And troubled debts later on in life, these days you don’t have to get married straight away, if you are financially having trouble, live together and save money to buy that White House with a white fence for your wife and children

When a man Asks for a date to take a woman out, how would a woman react in this modern 21st century

women these days see more things than in yesteryear.if a man asks a woman for a date.it is classed as sexual assault.seems unfair.to most men would agree.You might ask why it’s been happening for a long time that sounds so stupid How else do you take a woman out ? The man has to make the first move.But the trouble is women in general know the outcome of the date.so what happens next. Absolutely nothing it’s about time the Role is reversed but if that is the case Men could turn back on them for sexual assault. Is this the final straw for both sexes.? More important family’s extinction has finally come to an end.

There is a growing trend that having sex is increasing around the globe. and crys for rape. These days you don’t have to marry if you want to have sex,these days Porn is everywhere more than ever and to some that is better than having a date

The future of Digital technology will it be forced to crash because a heavy amount of traffic on the internet, caused by an explosion of a high populated planet using it at the same time. To an unfortunate end of the digital age

via Are Modern Digital Technology slowing down.yes ! see more for detail.

Are Modern Digital Technology slowing down.yes ! see more for detail.

It was the moment of time when, the more population the more emails has an effect on our emails, it has become the new version of snail mail for eg have you noticed when you send an email last week. All of a sudden you.have a notice one minute loading 5 of 100 emails now  downloading. You read them and realise some were sent either last month or last week. In a nutshell in a fast paced world 24/7 which means the emails are sent instantly jamming up in the system because of the lifestyle we live in a  24/7 world

if we continue down this road. Does that mean.one day computers will over ride the system and crash. Who knows, time will tell

Is fate predetermined ? Does the supernatural or divine entity,guide you ? Is there reasons in life that predetermines our future?

You are the navigator in life, you guide yourself to make your world a reality . There is no reasons in life,it’s called your journey. You have the power and the will  to help yourself, it’s called accountability and responsibility over your own life that will find your way in life, let superstition not control your mind   on your journey, it’s the art of freewill That maketh  in who you are and the knowledge you know ,let it guide you in the world of the unknown and take leap of faith and keep focus in what , you want in life once things become dishonest , it does catch up in time . And unfortunately with bad consequencies And that saying is profoundly true, what comes around goes around , these are the mystic forces at work , your choice to fight for the common good or not, the choice is yours To decide