Elixir is not the right word it is Elixer,Reason why ?

Our English language is full of bad grammar,the first language was Hebrew before it became English. Why are the same words the same as others and always have many  meanings, even the literature greats had difficulty understanding the English language. Through out the centuries of marvel insights in speaking well and overturning words that are often misplaced in dialogue. Great speeches were made of great inspirations of world historical leaders of their times. Winston Churhill, Abraham Lincoln .We’re an example of this in their speeches oF there reign and dimpolivy of a better world and better way of the ,Virtual  World of tomorrow.

Does this mean We may have to go back to the simple things in life in learning our first given language. I am not Jewish but  in  all of things new.it makes sense it’s not with an ixir it’s ixer  meaning certain  meaning the axe of life.and an exercelent meaning Er p   Altering another dimension of portal of ER  what does that mean your Majesty ER of your Royal service your highness

The   Queen Elizabeth  has a secret language as well a secret past that we all want to know, perhaps one day it may come out or not, let’s wait and see it’s a matter of time when

TheHebrew language was passed on to other civilisations of  china  that also Reads backwards, so did Babylon in it’s hey day and other counties did the  same And now in our history of our languages of the world. There is a new world of language. social media.where everything is short and abbreviated

Sexual Advancers ?

Relationships these days are non existence, if a man makes a sexual advance towards a woman and pick her up has been accepted since the dawn of time.in the 21st century times have changed, if the man contuinues it is called sexual assault. And not accepted in mainstream society of today.the tide has changed that you have to ask for permission, the same rule applies. Are men in general to become extinct. If men die out of extinction. The women liberation will not only dominate this Earth and empowered They will be overjoyed with delight,After many years from abuse of their partners, I don’t  Blame them.through the ages women were enslaved  by men. Which is not on , that is the reason  they should be deserved with equality and respect.

in recent trends ,walking down the streets in La ,I have heard that it is common women often see famous Actors who yell at men  rapist . One Actor I won’t mention claims this happens most days. And scared the amount of women are often shouting out  rapist, I tend to disagree but recently been through the same experice but not aimed at me, but a security guard, a young aborigine woman often yells during end  of school on a school crossing yelling st the security guard that he is a prntafillia and laughs. And now the general public from around the shopping centre now does not take much notice of the abuse from her what is   going on in the world  these days.

In  the last few months the world in general has gone  unstable , we are all not coping of what is happening in the world around us, is these  times of anicky and lack of money  means human extinction and end of times is now officially getiing closer which confirms soon, that end of the world could become a reality sooner than we think . I hope not , we all have to become together and fight this insidious disease, before it gets all of us