Global Markets will fall in 2018 already the US national debt is rising. Is there a way out of it? This affects all walks of life,why we are in civil unrest,violence spreading around the globe.what is the cause and is climate change effected by this? or AI intelligence technology the blame.

with violence spreading more and more someone is responsible for either murder or killing a child this trend is happening more and more. And rife more on social Media someone is either was shot dead or what I heard yesterday  a man slashed a YOUNG woman’s throat was it because she stole something from him or was the man high on drugs, it was awful in front of everyone, it was an impulsive attack or was it more than that? what made him go off, was it through family dispute we all have that these days.Let’s stop this civilian We don’t know his problems or situation lock him up. Let’s get this right, we know money is the root of all evil. and these days there is around that’s the problem but in general We all love the power of money, you get respect in your peers. No matter what industry you are in, but if that is taken away from you with high interest rates more important the bank repossed your home. How would you feel ?

If you’r assets are wiped from your account with no money supporting your family, I can understand why people go off expecially domestic violence in’s now days are not coping that well  than yesteryear, everything is dictated by money and power it happened to me. My family stole my inheritance that dad promised I get when he passed away  a fair share it was manipulated by my mother I thought I was helping with her old age pension and now realise they took my name off the land title and now stolen my inheritance and I realise they had my signed statement which I was duped to sign they not only I felt betrayed so would my father,promising  me I would get a fair share.i am over it

so I did the next best thing cut ties from them move on and put my family behind me,most people they would want revenge, but I am not a vengeful person I rather cut ties and make them think about their actions

when someone takes  to many things too literally about no money than  Reason you have panic attacks and worry.overstressed of day to day modern world 🌎 we live in and more and more impulsive shopping which can cause having anxiety with it could put someone over the edge and go on a muder rampage or other crimes, it’s hard to take and the only option is to steal someone’s wealth.not a good idea or make them jealous what my family did, I just turn the other cheek, I done nothing wrong I have a clear conscious. It’s when you don’t have a conscious is when there is civil unrest not only in family but the general population of  of day to day woes of life.

The US economy is in trouble and no jobs for the common person,taken away of robotic engeening it’s a good thing ,but it takes away the labor work industry, just go home,but they have to pay their mortgage like anyone else the only way they can cope is taking it out on other civililions, of despair and anguish,I know how hard it is when you don’t have money to put food on the table,but investments of the future has to change today to help those seeking work and putting food on the table,and try and budget within your means.expecially stockholders who invest in the trillions once again it’s all about money. To them if they don’t get back a good return of their investments. Just a phone call. To a telco or governments in general. This goes back to that song  with a song  lyric (who wants to be a millionaire I don’t )  this is a stable economy be happy what you got.

The way shareholders are going they also have more higher problems and high expectations of power and money, behind them and they can flex their muscle when they want to, but if they don’t pay back their interest on inflated loans They have borrowed from the bank to buy their luxury homes and a high priced  life and property,living beyond their means and enjoying their rich lifestyle. As well Tax that’s the biggest killer of all money and savings put together over 500 yrs you will never pay it off it’s the children most likely to pay Long term they could go broke,in a nutshell we are all affected because of the failing of the world economy, what makes things worse is our utility bills in general have gone up to extreme levels.Buying food, maintaining your home and maintenance on the property, cars to all transportation ,school fees,raising children. Hospital and medical bills. Transport costs fuel maintenance on your car,registration.more to the point that traffic fine you wished you had not got.we are all in this together and we all should work together for the benefit of our species and to give humility to others and respect, I personally don’t want humans to be extinct because the power of money which most likely destroy mankind as well this planet 🌎 if we keep going in this trend it may be the end of an civilisation including this planet 🌎 with extreme heat waves

At the moment the inflation is going to rise more than 550 million dollars because of investments in banks in the US to weaken global markets.The Global economy of the US debt is 19 trillion dollars the economy will slow down and collapse affecting all walks of life.

The investors will also lose and want more from what they invest in.for example If a telco has big investements with products they have to charge customers at least twentyfold back to their shareholders that is why they are manipulating the market and our data so you pay more on your plan.but with deadly consequences to small business and the consumer. I think in general it’s time for new technology get rid of the internet and go back to the basics, meeting on the streets, having  a good old fashioned chat saying hi and having personal time  with your colagues,or clients we humans have been doing that for thousands of years  you don’t need to be online ne for that it’s to impersonal, why not meet up and socialise which I mean to talk to each other and bring a pleasant smile it will be more personal not stuck at home mopping ‘oh mum Facebook is down help me mummy I am so upset 😭 ”

if the Global economy burst soon, more and more business will go to the wall including telcos they have to survive to,as well the workforce in general. It affects all walks of there. a way out.well one more valid point we have to ditch digital technology and come up with a more substantial technology, our electricity bills are skyhigh when the days digital technology first came onto the market

We are accumating too much water used to produce  electricity more than ever,drying up water resources as well our oceans 🌎 wide.and receding beaches of water and our lakes dams.consequently drying up our planet and causing massive droughts and heat waves to extreme levels, consequently affecting climate change.

we need to change the module otherwise when there is no water to give anymore and it runs out what do you do? But we need to do something now not later, we don’t need short term solutions that accumulates debt and bankruptcies. We all have to look at extended long term for the next 100 or more years.we have to change now. We can’t go on.our animal kingdom is also effected dying from dry areas of the planet, bird life are slowly dying out creating havoc on our 🌌 they feel it more than humans they are up there in it and possibly dying through electrical interfaces. Let’s use our heads and stop being impulsive. Let’s think this through long term.the module we have had for a long time has to change from the old ways

from investments from banks in general to help the governments economy, instead of relying on the old banking systems why  not change the module for something substantial. And not rely on banks, that’s the only way to bring debt down,let’s change the status quo start  another chapter in the 21st century, if we do this in its right order perhaps in the 21st century we could continue on in the next century if we rule with our minds and not money we will make a brighter future to all of humankind to the next Ten thousands year into our future.and beyond

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I am a research scientist, ahead of mainstream, and ahead of my times.with continuous ideas,I love digging into the unknown to the mysterious universe and superstition.function of society and behaviour of people.and why forbidden knowledge must be remain hidden at all cost and for a reason.i don't like to trivialise, but find a reasonable explanation to get the heart of the truth to our unatural universe behaviour and life in general, life is not always logic there is always that unknown reason. Media short films leading roles to supporting roles,which one stood out the most. Twenty epidodes of an extra with Neighbours including a guest role which started the ball rolling for me.and moved on with Wordpress and imbdpro,Pinterest and imbd,as well casting frontier,so buckle up and take a look on my blog sit back with a cofee and emjoy the read

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