Controlling your data,and collecting your data. what are your rights?

for a start if you come across these terms please DO NOT APPLY you are letting them know due to the Australian privacy Act (1968) by the Australian law its against the law.if you accept those terms.they can collect your information about you in what you do 24/7 and can alter your data and can excessive charge you for extra costs in their pocket.most of them are doing it for there own self controlling your data they can manipulate those terms,to control and read your private emails, phone calls etc.just read there conditions,before signing any agreement.

Was lady Diana Spencer assainated ?

If you look at the distance of Prine Charles not close to his woman and getting off the plane first leaving an elecerly lady to manage on her own is a disgrace to the monarchy and the Queen.

was lady Diane treated the same, I believe it was, prince Charles some how was jealous and in a rage, that Diana was in another country, it could be possible and emulate possibilities that Diane might have been a rescue attempt to close ties to prince Charles. It was only speculation from the press she may have had an affair, but what if it was not. Was it a rescue attempt ?or is there something there we have not picked up yet, I believe there is more to it than most people think.

It’s all about the money these days, gone are the days where once upon a time,family’s came first.

it happened to me, I was there for my family, I was The the rock of the family. I was there when the chips were down, I always helped out more than I should. I helped mum and dad on the farm for most of my life where my siblings had there independent lives and had jobs.i was there when I was at dads funeral. got no thank you, then all of a sudden I did not get my full inheritance when dad promised I get a fair share when he passed on. I was duped by my mother to sign a document to help her with her old age pension, and found out it was all about her. So I left the family for good and cut ties and not do anything for the family and work out on my life for a change, I don’t want the money all they could Have done is ask instead of doing it behind my back, it’s up to them to be accountable of their actions, I had enough it’s time to move on, it was my birthday the other day. I met a friend where I was living who shouted me an ice cream. Am thinking my mother never done this gesture out of the blue or other siblings, where is the love ❤️ but then after all these years my family in general treated me like a lost cause. For a long time, it’s a shame if had to come to this, it’s about my time now, and start living my own independence I never had. It feels good 😊 doing it on my own and explore the world.