What do we all fight the most man and woman,a majority of the time is the money the other side is about Sex.

I can’t have Sex. I am not frightened to say this or get embarrassed about,sex is wonderful for both partners who are happily 😍 it’s a two way thing.most of all be diplomatic and try to figure things out not only for yourselfs but also for the children, for me I can’t even have an organism, I am not embarrassed but happy to freely talk about it, I should go to the doctors,but I am not going to make a big deal about it.i have to face it alone, fo me I come first it’s not the end of the world, and quite often go to the beach look out to the waves on a sunny morning, watching everything in motion, I am grateful I can live and breath, I have so much to give to the world 🌎 I feel young at heart. Life is to short of moaning and groaning about little things.life is for the taking,you either enjoy it or not, that’s what freewill is all about.enjoy the time you have on this 🌎

What ever happened to simple logic, when you email in business, why do they ask, give us a call back on their number on the email. When simply they emailed you is to hit reply much quicker than phone.

It’s not good practice most of all it’s about them not about you.it does not help their business for customer service and relations, ditch them why, they can’t be trusted, they want to speak to your privately and most likely tell you don’t cause trouble,what about disclosure, everyone is doing it and has become the norm

Telstra just one word in writing the Word Telstra.is enough to go crazy, over charging and adding data in small increments,so a majority of customers don’t pick up. just to pay enough of their debts they are happy

But it goes back even further than that, I am hearing a lot of is biblical end of the world crazy supernatural stuff or is it, it mentions the beast, who is the beast no one really knows only what is written in books.
Historically speaking it happened in the Garden of Eden when Eve bitten the apple from from being tempted from the beast that was the snake that the serpent told eve you won’t die
The beast continues today, have you worked it out yet who is the beast of all, it’s not what you think, think of a product, you guessed it Apple 🍎