Can we learn from this or is it true that life imitates art,or perhaps it’s a different reality than we think or perhaps these episodes relate to something the British government have been hiding for years, it’s been going on for over 50 yrs, was there a time traveler long time ago that was derived from a TV show we call the doctor?

via DR Who Why was these episodes is so relative in these times.

Is Sydney becoming fast in becoming a Ghost City with their lock out laws


Sydney was once upon a time to place to see,with entertainment all year round, have they gone to far extreme, to cripple the city and no jobs for musicians or other entertainment venues.its about time they Reconsider.Lock out Laws is a joke,its not 1645 its 2018 whats next put up the most wanted signs around the city declaring martial law.i still have hope for Sydney, there are other ways to deal with liquor laws,lets bring back common sense and be practicle

My digital photo photography is coming to an end,it’s too expensive.and dangerous to our water resources and our weather. But I had a good go,but only use it on different ocassions.

I ham going to go back to basics using AE1 photography where I can manually set the camera 🎥 it’s a hard process that is where digital cameras make it easy, but my house hold budget has broken me.due to no food on the table and the expensive technology we have today, I have to cut back I have been in hospital four times in two weeks, I can’t cope anymore
I have no choice I live on my own without family and without support.and hardly money in my pocket.

I am still on a contract with Telstra I still have to pay for the plan.which does not make it easy.all I can is wait for the contract to finish.
I was given a cheap phone and using pre paid its useless but I have to have it for calls and emails including texts,at least that way I have control of my usages and paying it as I go,rather contract,years ago contract was the go it was worthwhile having.with what’s happening to our present climate and water resources and over population it’s a matter of time.where we all may disappear from this planet 🌎 Sooner than we think.
I am concerned of our species surviving on this planet as the days go by this will hugely affect our next generation

And possibly extinction of our species,without water there is no hope
At least if I can slow it down there maybe hope for new technology that does not rely heavily on help advance technology in other ways and watching back to the future a great movie with Michael j Fox.
Perhaps one day for fuel we may find the ansew by putting out left over garbage for fuel

This way it will help clean the planet 🌎