Like to apologise of those who either liked me or viewed my post’s and comments.i have finally have a new domain name.i hope this will all go well for me,it feels I have been brought back from the dead.but it’s all good

I have a new lease on life now and it’s a bit different than I expected,from before.
I have a raw energy and I can feel it in my bones.with new depth analysis of the exinex channels I can dilute ideas that may be a bit rife and to be a bit More articulate and with wonder, we all are curious but sometimes too curious and it can backfire in hence why curiosity killed the cat, this is a new book 📚 new way of the world in the 21st century for me and beyond with vision and high velocity of faith and hope and try many dimensions to work out the life puzzle we all have missed through out the ages,it’s a new dawn and a new era.
and I will also unequivocally do my best,I am not super human or smarter than anyone else, I hsve a hardrive in my neutrons transmitters,and my wiring and technology and with technique of rewiring has made what I am today and the resolute results are Awsome.
I am very switched on then I ever had before and I always resonate with more thsn the young youth of today,why I don’t give them a hard most who can decimate their lives, why, they are the next generation.and should be treated with respect and to treat them with dignity and hope.most of all supportive and to give them hope so they can carry it on to the next generation and our survival of our species,

We must respects what they want to do in life and be there for them in times of crisis,it’s hard enough doing if on your own.and it’s the parents right to encourage their children in what they want out of life,parents have a responsibility to wish their children hope so they to can write their own book on their adventure and most of all of a growing parent to let them go so they can live their own natural life.
It’s a hard thing to let go but it’s the right thing to do.and it’s the only way for their own survival and hope for their future,and their next generations into the future.
you can’t lock your children away forever,they too have to learn the facts of life.and not Locked away in a cupboard and throw away the keys and giving up on them.its great to feel loved and getting support.i know what that means now.and for the first time for me. The tide has turned.

The coalition government has lied to the Australian people. the coalition government claims its law, but it was never passed as law in the first place, they also claim it has already passed onto the consumer, I beg to differ, the coalition government claims they are thinking of us, in reality they are not using me to buy votes

I did some shopping at the supermarket today and looked on the receipt,a $4.50 GST was applied.
Just think when we all go shopping Australia wide just think how much GST they collect on every dOllar.I feel deceived cheated and betrayed and I will never vote for them on a broken promise they never fulfill.
I do not believe what they say in the financial review of cocked up figures against the labor party.
And yet Shorten has not mentioned about the figures only a roll back plan.
In hindsight proves it was all made up to please our prime minister and keep him in power.
While meanwhile all Australians are in financial difficulties more than ever including new age technology of AI intelligence which we don’t need and now there is another AI intelligence technology coming out soon OF THE heavy cost to the consumer,
I went shop around for a new updated phone,but the prices are so expensive up to $700 for a new phone,what the ? With facial recognition,just look at my passport,I had it for years,every one has one,it’s reliable snd stops indenity theft.
But facial recognition I don’t trust it.there are so many look s likes out there snd quite often some have come up with strange questions.and often I tell et them I have not been overseas as yet as I have not renewed my passport.
For $299 it has to $6.000.00 to go over, I should disguise my self as Malcolm Turnbull and get a free light over at the expense of the Australian people

This is a quick note on false assumptions, yes some do and judge you and are wrong in judging you without facts backed up or not know the person

Some people do some don’t I was judged man complained I wear black all the time. I told him off, and told him watch your manners and get your facts right,I spotted some facts, yesterday I wore a t shirt and today singlet with a dark off grey jeans and I blasted him in front of his mates,it was very uncool and i told him have some respect.have to go and don’t let this happen to you, cut ties if you have to most likely they may take revenge.
I did martial Arts years ago and I learnt to walk away mediate and stay focus and stay in control. yes I was lectured about this years ago. And I had to leave.i was in tears. Never again, all good 😊 we all live and learn.i was was on edge and now more focus.growing pains happens to all of us.

A lot of people in general had one job and love routine, but me I am something of a kind.or some would say I could not hold down a job.

It’s true I had a lot of jobs over the years,through to contracts sometimes you lose a job then put in another contract you may win that job. I was a contractor ckeaner cleaning supermarket then it got extended and lost the job.then worked for Australia post for Ten yrs then lost that a nutshell I lost many contracting work.its more wages on contract than a full time job.i had a few jobs over the years, but I won’t bore you.
I started my first job in a butcher shop I did so many things in my life, and accumulated set a lot of skills than the normal jobs that have in general.
I was in the army one stage which did not work out, and applied for a navy career.i had to do a test and found out my skills was a communication officer and my job duties was a communication officer for a fleet of ships in the Gulf so I got a bit scared if I only just made that one error, world war three would have started years ago because of me,arts so I did not go any further than that, and tried something else, I tried cooking and other jobs.but I knew one day I would work in the arts and entertainment industry WOW ! And now loving it more than ever, I am so focused.
Over the years I was put down a lot from family and everyday my mother would despise me and often put me down and told me Actors are not real.
It was hard to deal with, so I studied astrology and astronomy as well other mystic forms of religions and used that as a tool to get into the arts and entertainment industry and it worked, I have finally cut ties with family because the many times I was roasted and many times in psych hospitals I knew one day the truth will come out soon.i treated it as a holiday and it was punishment because I wanted to be in the arts, it was a form of control and to stop me, my mother was not that supportive over the years dad was the same as rest of the family.
I had a battle on my hands and studied trigmontery and found out mum threaten dad a few times.then dad changed and knew what was going on,I was close to him and my big sister.and yet my older sister encouraged me and always asked about what show I was on, so I took up community radio and loved it and it was good to get away from foully then I breached out doing stand up comedy and toasmasters as well wrote a book on poetry which took a long time to finish.then I started to grow and adjust and slowly drift away from the family.and then it happened, the final persecution set in. My mother wanted her old age pension I loved her and supprted her over the years, signed a form and not knowing I was signing a legal document of getting my name off thd land title which I could not claim as my father promised I get a fair share of inheritance. And I missed ou all I got was lies and was ce deceived by my mother but not all her fault but instigated by my younger sister that was always jealous of me and quite often scorned my father
So I had to come up with a plan which worked snd finally on my own. I don’t want to go any more detail what happened it was upsetting enough writing all this,at least it’s off my chest and start living again.

With poor eyesight of stress and wearing glasses I am okay about it all.and then can have the money and if it helps them to pay bills and my younger sister buying new flash cars.
I am better off without them and once again start again.
It could be worse I am still here fired up and focused, on finally my career as I wanted for a long time, in the arts and entertainment industry and loving it,but I had to fight back and when dad passed away he said be resilient the rest is history.
and now contemplating my life in Hollywood to live and retire there,but with no money and support it is going to take a while just like Neil Armstrong said
I have to do the same thing, take one giant step into my future and go boldly with life in the arts and entertainment industry.
I hope I have mot missed anything out here.i hsve done other things which is time is against me,and leave and say I catch you soon, I have a big day ahead I g Have to get a lot of things done so chow for now and I will elaborate more at another time. Cheers everyone and hsve a good morning, and if there is any spelling mistakes it’s not me must be those agro rhythms anyway catch you soon
Tskr care everyone

Pinterest v Instagram Who is better,

Pinterest has more knowledge more than Instagram,in the arts and entertainment represents all facets of the industry of wide range of artists much more impact than Instagram and more chances getting the right roles and the work involved that msny hard working actors and models to achieve their work status and getting that Golden globe or award and being on top of your game is far more important in winning than being popular.they know in general they have to work hard and know thrir roots of their hard effort does pay off.

The module of Instagram

Relies on followers and.being popular and the Chances getting solid work is not achieved but in overall followers on your account are more important than the volume of hard work to achieve at a high status but with no solid work behind you and not knowing any roots of experience to get there will utterly get you confused how Hollywood operates, do some workshops,coached or go to school,have something behind you like having a credit can help you achieve your dreams in Hollywood or fashion shows.
Perhaps Instagram can help artists get work that can handle the pressures of the art and entertainment industry,there is nothing worse than going on set without any knowledge behind you.and most of all getting the jitters as well overwhelmsd with it all.

In hindsight many times on set,some actors have to learn about the environment and not to step on any toes
In hindsight the directors on set, have a philosophy time is money and they can’t help those who don’t know their craft.
The same applies to modelling as well other artist like musicians and it’s demanding and the industry has a reputation of high expectations to do your home work,they don’t like time wasters,it’s a demanding job and you have to rise above all uncertainties
That’s the work any artist has to do if they want to succeed in this business
They expect more if you are a leading actor,they rely be on top of their game. To help them have box office success so they can pay their wages.
The directors Spend a lot of time getting finance for big feature films.its a big price tags to pay for their investors.and it’s a gamble that all depends on the leading Actor, sometimes it can be a new aspiring actor and fail to turn up on time.each day,alreaady I am getting a headache. And this can also affect an aspiring model.yes it’s nervous on set for all actors and model shoots.
If you are not up on your game,you will have a short career.

Whether you are in it to be famous or a hard working artist is entirely up to you.

It also affects their nerves for the first time in front of the camera, it can be overwhelming for the first time and it can be nerve wrenching.and can ruin the film and modelling success.
Most directors are very understanding, just go in the green room or sit down drink some water,and rest until you feel better
I was an extra on the long running popular show Neighbors in Melbourne.yes I felt overwhelming to do ten episodes as well guest it was a thrill to do and I met a few well known indenitys on set and become a bit star struck and nervous but managed quite well.and did what I had to do.those memorable moments I will never forget but I learned by them and now more relaxed and ready to go out there in the universe of the arts and entertainment industry and keep going it’s an industry I relate to very well.
and look forward to meet other directors and strut my stuff on the screen or runway or perhaps other forms of other skills, but that is up to me.

All artists should not live in fear.the general consensus that artists have to put up with and told so many times,get a real job.
But if you get paid it is a real any other industry,that’s what I hate about the jealous type who are slightly a bit envious.and think I wish I had their money.but don’t let that put you down.

Only if they do something about their life and stop moaning and groaning, they don’t have to work a full time job,maybe these jealous types could get out there and do something what they like to do, and discover their talents. Whether it’s Instagram or Pinterest.or NASA or any other form of work.

Life is too short to moan and groan,do something about it and try to understand the artist point of view and go it on your own. be somebody be important to the world and do your own thing in what you do best,rather working for a firm start your own company or perhaps work in tourism or other industries you relate to.

But back to Instagram and Pinterest the choice is yours and while you are here take a look around on my informative posts
And if you want a researcher contact me though email.and I will get back to you with a detail comprehensive quote and a complete composition guide of many anaylictal ideas and the cosmology side of the unconscious and invaluable information in a minute detail of what is truth and what not is truth to the eyes of my comprehension for detail of observation

But for many years it was a labor of love and this accurate study and revaluation takes a fair bit of time.if you want my services, send me a detail
and other details you may have.and that seems important take your time and look forward for your reply thank you
Take care everyone and please take your time what you want out of goes quickly and life is to short.the best way is start is in the here and now.

Life is for the taking you do what you want to do,in this lifetime. No one lives forever. Thank you for taking the time out for reading this.
Take care
kind regards