The world is in chaos and interplanetary cosmic innuendo,who are we going to call? perhaps something strange of beyond the Darkened world we live in, perhaps end of days is already here. And already judgment day has already begun or has it ?

Violence is rampent everywhere, egos fuelled by money and pain and taken away by modern 21st century innovations and digital era.
I have begun a new era,to get things right and with clarity that it could be possible we are living in end of times, the seventh generation of Adam Enoch foretold this in the book of Enoch.which was written with a purpose.are we all going to die from cosmic dust ? Or is it something we all have missed. We know climate change is worse now than five years ago. It’s affecting our health more and more.
With radiation poisoning causing cancer on our sky more and more because of massive heatwaves we had for a few years, is this the end ? Or are we having hallucinations of what is real and what is not, and AI intelligence is now the norm.are we all.becoming paranoid of AI intelligence ? and freaking about it, and now it’s common Robots have taken over the digital era, everyone is getting one these days. Just to sit back and programming your Robot doing house hold duties as well Taking orders from a restaurant or driveless cars, what’s next on the agenda ?
Machine ionised transporter that can take you from England to Australia under one second. This is the future. It’s called the 21st century and from now on we will be getting more innovated technology and transporting New ideas and new horizons to go further and to embrace our newest technology with computerised Robots to further our understanding of our universes snd to make a giant leap for Humankind and to inspire further development of technology and one day be able to take a trip of time travel to many wonders of other dimensions of space and time and one day clone ourselves in to the Next life.
The next stage of technology will one day live to at least 5.000 to 20.000 yrs old just imagine what technology will achieve that,and to achieve finally immortality, that is what we all want is it not, in the next 100 yrs it may be Possible, but then the amount of advance technology we have today it maybe sooner than we think.

Published by

Jimmy's Den

I am a research scientist, ahead of mainstream, and ahead of my times.with continuous ideas,I love digging into the unknown to the mysterious universe and superstition.function of society and behaviour of people.and why forbidden knowledge must be remain hidden at all cost and for a reason.i don't like to trivialise, but find a reasonable explanation to get the heart of the truth to our unatural universe behaviour and life in general, life is not always logic there is always that unknown reason. Media short films leading roles to supporting roles,which one stood out the most. Twenty epidodes of an extra with Neighbours including a guest role which started the ball rolling for me.and moved on with Wordpress and imbdpro,Pinterest and imbd,as well casting frontier,so buckle up and take a look on my blog sit back with a cofee and emjoy the read

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