This is a quick note on false assumptions, yes some do and judge you and are wrong in judging you without facts backed up or not know the person

Some people do some don’t I was judged man complained I wear black all the time. I told him off, and told him watch your manners and get your facts right,I spotted some facts, yesterday I wore a t shirt and today singlet with a dark off grey jeans and I blasted him in front of his mates,it was very uncool and i told him have some respect.have to go and don’t let this happen to you, cut ties if you have to most likely they may take revenge.
I did martial Arts years ago and I learnt to walk away mediate and stay focus and stay in control. yes I was lectured about this years ago. And I had to leave.i was in tears. Never again, all good 😊 we all live and learn.i was was on edge and now more focus.growing pains happens to all of us.

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Jimmy's Den

I am a research scientist, ahead of mainstream, and ahead of my times.with continuous ideas,I love digging into the unknown to the mysterious universe and superstition.function of society and behaviour of people.and why forbidden knowledge must be remain hidden at all cost and for a reason.i don't like to trivialise, but find a reasonable explanation to get the heart of the truth to our unatural universe behaviour and life in general, life is not always logic there is always that unknown reason. Media short films leading roles to supporting roles,which one stood out the most. Twenty epidodes of an extra with Neighbours including a guest role which started the ball rolling for me.and moved on with Wordpress and imbdpro,Pinterest and imbd,as well casting frontier,so buckle up and take a look on my blog sit back with a cofee and emjoy the read

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