Where are the good people in life,we need them,we live in distrustful times.its more money that rules our minds, than common sense.

Social media can we trust social media, to search for the truth,you don’t talk to green little Aliens 👽 from outer space, people will think you are nuts, humans have the habit of telling a lie,just for the sake of money and try to pull wool over your eyes.that is why the saying is true. The richer get richer and the poorer get poorer.
Social media in general is one big lie. Even little green aliens in flying machines could lie to avoid in telling the truth, but why we want to know,about the mysteries universe, after the little green aliens tell us they will knock us off, we’ll kill us off completely out of extinction. so why the general public think, that life title green aliens think it’s a lot of rubbish and think you are nuts, blah blah you should be on some medication. This bloke is different and dangerous so we might lock him up to protect and keep others safe.
When humans or governments may deny in existence of green Aliens, at times it’s best to lie your pants off
Some may say. You have been watching too much television and believe what’s on the screen 📺
And think it must be true, there is proof in the pudding little green maliens exists.
But wait money comes into the equation.like doctor smith in lost in space.

Well will run along my oh dear we are all DOOMED!

In a nutshell of what is truth it’s best not to know sometimes to protect our loved ones, or government in general.more important social media tyrants who think about the power of their organisation than the welfare of subscription to their loyal customers
But then I might be making all this up and deny existence of Aliens 👽 to protect their species,no matter what we all do it,to protect more important our assets shhh! Don’t tell the IRS keep it under the lock and key.
We all have to survive,but living in Australia and half the time with no money, maybe I should start not telling the truth and go out there and mske money money money oh it’s a good thing,or is it? It may destroys many lives,if it’s in your head and destroys the very fabric of society which leads to despair and desolation thinking you hsve lost everything oh what can I do ? I wish money never existed,once upon a time.humans never had money but they survived, that place was the Garden of Eden.a utopian place.where you can do nothing all day read the paper oh dear,they never had that in those days ir was the word of mouth, the best way of getting people to like you in business terms it’s the best way to have a good reputation.

Over the years I always put the welfare of others first than the love of money and power.
The most important I am still here, surviving on this miserable planet 🌎 But hey it could be worse.this civilsation is still here. That’s worth fighting for,so why lie about it.for your own personal ego and use and take advantage of others for personal satisfaction of others and to dominate them.
Oh yes being a goody goody good shoes, is not a bad thing.

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Its a mystery not yet explained I hope there is UFOs Buffs out there and hopefully the little green men in their flying machines get a star rating,but then as they say.we are not humsn we don’t understand,we may have to abduct you to understand your race, we come in peace.
The last time i encounter them,there was a group of them some tall some short,I yelled oout,Lets party dudes !.In a nut shell they are more frightened of us Than we are frightened of them.there should be a movie 🎥 about this,about Humankind making contact,and finally getting who’s on first base third or second a small grey alien 👽 reply which moon base wil that be ? I asked one alien 👽 what’s your star rating replied, many millions of galazies.
I am shocked and know why they are so popular out there and with an alien quip back,
200 x light speeds, now they are showing off, all good
I hope one day they take me out there, among the stars and beyond.


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Privacy laws are they breached consistently more than you think? So why do most web sites are monitored these days.and control your data and breaches your trust? And control what you put up or put blame on you.is this possible? But why ?

Why our out mobile phones or tablets are slowing down more than ever, is it Telcos or some easy arithmetic at play.
Since the digital revolution has taken off, not a ptoblem internet speed not a problem recently I had a strange encounter on on a particular app which I regularly go on, all of a sudden it slowed down, I thought something was going on. So I did some digging and found out, my privacy was breached without me knowing and with out my consent.
I should be a private investigator but anyway I knew whati had to do, so I did a test and successful that in general my data was breached by this particular company,but his have I come up with this conclusion, it was not hard
It asked me a question PLEASE LOGiN and yet on the app I was already login. Strange and yet breached of confidentiality.this company was the sand company on my app,be careful if a rogue company impersonates another compsny to tel you to login from your email,there is two breaches that has happened, one through my email and one told me to login, purposely to steal my indentity.
Do please everyone of compsnys that impersonate other compsnys with a similar logo attached.and when I receive it again and I suggest everyone does it,don’t read it through your email get their details snd Hit the delete button, problem solved,and if these emails come regularly report to to your email ofovider and keep on deleting the emsiks they will get the message, if they continue over a month report them, take details snd Seek legal advice or government snd noticing your privacy is breached.

21st.century economy and political agenda are at arise.in these times.Are we all witnessing a downfall of our own civilisation? is there Salvation at the end of the rainbow?

You create your own future no one said it was easy.its a hard lesson to learn,and creating your own wealth in these bad economics times is not easy,for anyone, but in times of injustice these days we are all faced with, and living different economics of our society in the 21st century, it’s catching up quickly that money rules that comes first and family’s come second, with vast improvement of technology today. It’s a manner of time where work in general,will be taken over by robots and AI technology but some sections of the world.there is no labor jobs, even supermarket jobs are gone.taken over by your visa with that chip all you need is tap and go,
Let’s get into more detail we know Turnbull has introduced Tax cuts but we all know that he is buying your votes to get in as leader in the next election in a few months

Bear in mind the consumer price index goes up every year which increase insurance.any thing you buy over the counter, including registered vehicles, stamp duty.bank charges,and that interest you pay on your loan.
After when Turnbull wins the next election he has no choice to increase taxes in level with the CPI
And once again we all face the burden to pay more and sell our homes and downsize
In time big corporations will also be affected of their products they sell on the shelves.or online.
In time big corporations will go broke and run out of money.
There is an old saying about this in our ancient past which brought down a prospering society and culture. Which Babylon fell
And other cultures from our past and their civilisations came and gone all because the love of money and lust of power.and yes it does catch up sooner than later
More to the point the Australian banks are investigated by the Royal commission,which influence the market and corporate tax will go up, afecting worldwide
even Telcos and electricity.and other accessories we all take for granted.
So what is next on the horizon, well it does not look good for corporate tax and the Terrible GST that is applied we all face to pay,
Maybe get rid of the GST to help ease the burden we are having now in these economic times.
More important new wave technology that can help out economic crisis we are having that we all can benefit from
Which we all have to go to down to earth basics and simple ways and turning back the clock of our economic woes.and somehow turn the tide before it’s to late.for the benefit of human kind.and not for the selected few. It also affects Government in office.mo matter what part of the world we all came from
But we all have to work together in this generations but further generations to come.as well our survival as a species

Telstra woes has been up and down through out the years, been with them for twenty yrs and still they continue To go up and down,

Telstra wins your trust and then they lose your trust.i must admit over the years, I gave them a chance and still today the same crap the same problem, I have had enough of hardship and struggle over the years with them, they are still in my eyes the best in the business,and now I am putting it to rest, never again I will get an i phone or mobile phone in general.i can not afford it anymore.for the last two years my phone has been playing up and in the last few months The phone 📱 heats up and burns my hands and in temper I threw it in the bin.i can’t save anymore,half my money goes on telephone charges and services.
My rent goes up as well phone bills.i had a broke down last week and went into hosputal.
I contemplated suicide of my ordeal and it’s harder going on like this, this time it has come to a head and I have to take drastic action.
I don’t have a mobile phone and feel relieved, I must admit I was a bit obsessive of my phone, I had no choice, all the websites
They tell you keep active get some followers, it’s like an egg in a hard basket.
I am struggling to make ends meet, but at least I don’t have a big mortgage over my head and paying higher interests from the bank. My father was right in order to get a loan I have to prove to my self I don’t need one.
At least now I don’t have to pay it off all through my life, and if I passed on, my children will have to pay whatis left owing on the loan.
That’s the main reason why I will never get a big loan out on a car or a house 🏡 It will be too much of a burden on my children.
I think. I will be alright with out a phone.for awhile and have a rest from it,
Perhaps I might get a phone in six months,not sure, but I have to pay the termination fee of what has happened on the last phone.
In a nutshell mobile phones are same as same as, and I am bored of it all.