Why the bible has a bad name ?

I hate religious leaders quote the bible for their own
Personal opinion and their own beliefs .they quite often lecture in Daniel 1 5 or in Mark 10 5 etc to help them have power over the people, call them what you want.if you quote about Daniel and quote in proverbs that is the main reason I hate the church.
No one likes being lectured or because of ones opinions just to make us feel inscure or take advantage of history to help their personal lives.snd ego most of all you’re money.these idiots have missed a valed point. It also states in the bible that no one can add anything to the bible of their own personal beliefs or cohearse the public into false pretences and false claims to follow leaders.
This is not what the bible represents, I can understand why in ancient times the bible was burnt, it was the certain individuals who manipulated bible texts to gain people influence that made the bible give a bad name,

The bible is full of ancient history it mentions Israel in the bible that still exists today as well other ancient sites like UR and other ancient City’s of Europe, Mesopotamia,Greek,Hebrew,Babylon etc the bible is full of rich history we all can live by and be at peace with each other. Even archeologist have found ancient city’s through biblical texts.
The bible in general is a encyclopaedia of knowledge in ancient lands and kingdoms and should never take it literally or to heart.
But why do priests take it to heart ❤️ and too literally as it’s divine it’s a load of rubbish.priests in general at times through out the ages TAKE if to far to stress a point or a story to the other side of the argument.
Lesve it alone and let the bible speak for itself. And you may discover secrets to longetivuty and the secret to
Our long quest of why we are here and where did we come from? The ansew is right in front of you. Just open your eyes and you may discover a secret life that lays hidden about humanity and where did love come from? You don’t find that in psychology books 📚 it’s not real.its the people in the bible talked about the history of the world and the events of places took. It’s newspaper version what happened in ancidnt times that was significant to Humankind and it does not cost you a cent.

Why are we judged by age ?

It’s common people ask first in a conversation at times.i normally respond and say I am a bit older and they are Gods smack and compliment me, if I told them I am 26 some will say you look older than that, oh? How rude and demoralising I feel so awful l must try to use garlic cream on my face so they can stay away.the young ones don’t believe me and often claim I am a liar, it’s common they say you look like in my thirtys and some say 40 and some say other numbers, from now on I will shake their hands and say my name is blah blah blah and if anyone ask agsin I will pick a random number or tell them I am 10.0000 yrs old
Life is not a numbers game it’s accepting others as others will accept you, that way no one gets hurt
No one is judged .the older generation is the cause of this amd make the younger generation insecure and with out a future.and may have sucidal tendencies and find the weakest link in the family and pass the blame on to them which I copped for most of my life.
Sometimes in life parents have to let go to let their child go out in the world to build a future for themselves. for the sake of their children’s future and their grandchildren.it’s not the children’s fault it’s the parents who demoralising them in their growing years which can cause suicide of young people today.

So remember always be kind and nice to others if an older generation baby boomers try and make you feel embarrassed and weak, you can walk away and tell them, mind your own business it’s not your problem. I am grown up don’t treat me like a baby.keep it up and I will leave and never coming back till you respect my values.be strong be resilient, if you have to tell your parents that tell them where you are coming from, they have to understand your situation in where you are coming from.
And if they Betray you like my parents and family did,and I was the weakest link, tell them in how you feel walk away and start a new life for yourself if your parents and family don’t support your needs.
You have a right to cut ties from family and move on to other better pastures and start agsin,
You don’t have to put up with it. Parents have to stop forcing their own insecurities and failures on to the waeakest link on their children and making them feel vulnerable.and to demoralising them into submisdion

The same applies for jobs who ever you talk to always ask how old you are. That way they can judge you and tell you in a awkward way way in making excuses of not employing you,age discrimination is very common in the work place and it’s the age bracket where it could ruin your life.

even the younger market don’t want older people in the work place because they are too old and that is More common than ever in the job market as well the arts and entertainment industry.in some cases this only happens in theatre rather in the acting industry, some modelling agency’s do have certain standards about age and want young Good looking fresh youthful faces and full of energy,but they might not supply the work you want.

What is the secret to aging always put your health and well being first than anything else than money or family Why you have to learn to be a survivor and stand on your own two feet in this world 🌎
and why some have grey hairs and going bald looking old before your time for a start I don’t drink for one reason it’s bad for you it destroys the liver over time with smoking with it forms dry patches and destroys icklings in your skin stem cells on the skin to dry and cause the skin to fade creating faded skin and it breaks down follicles in the skin and causing cancer
Leonard Nimoy smoked when he was a kid and it catches up with you as you age and Leonard Nimoy said once only he gave up he would be still here today I miss him dearly one of my favourite actors.
I want to stay around for a long time,but I also have to be careful everyday as many said I look good for my age and clear skin, my Aunty lived to 100 yrs and now still going once told me and still resonates today
Don’t worry about the future it will work out itself.that is what stress does to the body it’s stress that kills us and we smoke and drink to get out of our doldrums and self pity and find ansews that fills us with doubt and fear
In the end you have to have faith to get you through it that will make you stronger and a survivor
Keep well everyone it will be alright our future is saved it’s up to all of us to make that choice or not
In the times of troubles we are living in now,more than ever we must not give up the fight,what concerns me the most it’s not the number that scares us it’s the aging body that we ignore and don’t do anything about it.
And blame the Number rather having a healthy abundant body filled will natural elements that the body needs,
Once upon a time in the renown person and Noah lived over 600 yrs back in those days there were not any processed foods we have today in the 21st century.

Keep well everyone and look after your health you come first

I urge eveyone in reading job in the bible don’t take it literally there is a message there,there is going to be more pain and more suffering from here on to the end of the year

We are all going to be tested to extreme measures in the following months, more hardship and more homelessness, greed of Money and lust of power will go to extreme measures and will test our patience.to extreme measures.having faith might get you through it.violence will continue through out the world 🌎 to extreme violence.of money and lust of power controlling the world and more corruption on the increase and now spreading more on the internet.
is this a sign of The end of the world,coming up soon ?
Or will it pass. Job lost his family through this but kept strong and resilient against the great test to all living things.as it was in the beginning.of time of the watchers and passed down through the ages till this day we are more tested. More than ever of our own survival of our species.can we fight this ? or you can give up.the choice is yours.
We are all on edge these days horrified what’s on our Tv 📺 perhaps taking time out not watching Tv or use those mobile phones 24/7 it’s driving us all crazy with sleepless nights,work and other commitments,and the continue 24/7 crisis that is happening not only here but Global.but around us. are we all starting to become extinct soon? Like it happened to the Mayan culture and our inaccurate gregorian callender, everyone forgets our callender is new compared to what they had in Mayan times.sonce the Gregorian callender changed our culture and a leap year and some months are 30 or 31 and one month has 28 days feb the Gregorian callender should be changed to the old ways to help this Earth cordinate the time line as well our species for our survival and saving us from extinction before it’s too late