Mobile phones getting more expensive as the days go on.


the year 2018 new phones are now the cost of a car, up to $1.000 to get the latest and that is without charges and usages from Telcos

not long ago it would around $170 for a decant phone. A big jump since then. But what about in ten years time, the way technology continuing updates it could be a cost of a house, or perhaps two. As the years progress in forty years time it could be that million dollar mark  they must keep on going up, well that’s progress you have to pay.

for me I don’t have a phone I can’t keep up paying that sought of money I don’t have. The most important is food on the table, we all have to eat. But I am  lucky I don’t have children to look after or paying that Mortage for the rest of my life been there done that.

my children are doing well and doing okay. My son I have not seen for twenty yrs, well his choice, we all should look over our financial woes and try to survive in more of a money oriented world more than ever.

it seems money rules than the love of humanity we once had. Yes times are tough  how do we survive, you need a phone, it’s a valid point,

but do we really need one in these economic times of uncertainty, I don’t need one, gone are he days we did not need one, we had phones on the wall as a society we were more organised than of today.with mobile phones when it rings and you are talking to someone, you start chatting, then you log onto your accounts to catch up on Facebook as well other sites.

then at the end of the month you get your bill  OMG $600

you have no job how the hell are you going to pay these bills that are ongoing. It’s something to think about if you are struggling to pay the rent as well electricity bills and be a bit more organised and ask yourself, what do I have to cut back on, in hindsight we need to buy food, maybe just use a bit of common sense what’s more important to cut back on.everyone has different circumstances and that will be $550 for this advice I will bill that to your account now  I am your visual assistance can I help you.

By the way leave your messages on my email don’t ring me or text I quite often read my emails thank you 😊

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