Telstra is doing it again,using your phone without your permission. I have solid evidence that Telstra is adding extra data charges to your phone without you knowing,but wait there is more, how low can they get. More info below and you will be shocked.



Telstra has cancelled my contract of my phone, I was given the final bill. The bill was over $700 dollars they cancelled it without me having a say, I was told over the phone, they will half the bill but they told me I had to pay cancelation charges, I was very distressed and disoriented  and sat on the chair till my head was clear, it almost felt I was not conscience, it was lucky they had the radio on, and I don’t know how long I was there.

I then got out of the shop, I could not drive so I sat ouside  in the sun had a bottle of water. A couple of days later I brought an Optus phone, pre paid then it burnt out on my hand and gave me a electric shock, never ever again, I was told by a storeman that the modern phones today have too many features and was causing over heating on the Phone.

It was then I decided I can live without one and continue with my i pad.

And once again tonight Telstra is at it again , it feels like Jaws 2 ready in for the kill. I was checking my data usages, then all of a sudden there were two mobile phone devices, Telstra told me they cancelled the phone, and realised it was not my previous number, I have someones number I was sharing, I don’t have a phone I don’t know what to do.

then I looked at it closely and the words plan was beside it   Sharing with my tablet.

This is an outrage without my consent and breached my trust,and lucky tonight I checked it, with consumer laws  Telstra has an obligation and conditions they have to follow from the ACCC. To not to fraudulently use customer accounts. Without their knowing and their 24/7 app with their visual assistance added 2GB account without my knowledge some may think that’s petty, but if you buy 2GB you pay at least around $100 or more. The reason  why  in small increments is because the general public don’t pick it up, it’s day light robbery in what they are doing to half a million Australians are on a brink of poverty and suicide according to the Sydney morning Herald,

To deceive me like this and a knife in my back.and deliberately to comit a crime like this has to stop but they just. Keep on following there bad streak with customers in general. By deliberately going out there for monetary purposes already Telstra has been fined from the ACCC

This is a joke that Telstra still act like criminals and still continues the same pattern, they have not learned anything it’s about time a Royal commission is called against Telstra.



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