Why are Actors in general the most targeted in the world

It’s obvious it’s the place for the very Rich and Famous let’s stop the tape.

What was that ! Rich and Famous now I am feeling star stuck I love Nicole Kidman I am struggling to get by and i actually met her once or was that Sophie Monk, Nicole is so attached only if she now hang on, I remember now she touched me once when I was an Extra not appropriate Nicole I rember it must have a look what Net worth six million I think, well I will get to my lawyers on this but hang on, was it her or Sophie Monk or my imagination getting the better of me, I wished I had her  money 💰 if I told the papers about this, they will have a field day, it’s not true but hey six million dollars why not.

Yah I am Rich !  But no I am not like that.Nicole deserves to be respected of who she is but not a puppet from the press, just because some people get star struck often it becomes a habit and at times you dream of someone famous get carried away and go to bed, the next day you believe it happened and you don’t know what is real snd what is not, you see dollar signs and make a false accusation believing it happened. Then a jail term happens then after six years you realise it was all in your head thinking oh well I got the six million why do I care, she is famous, but that is not the point.

the jury might find the defendant guilty but without solid evidence and is convicted from the press which misleads the judge and finding the defendant  guilty as charged that has ruined someone’s career. Its  the crime of the century, what happened to the days of an investigation into the crime rather the press making speculation of the case in Latin terms today called Targeted where Actors in general and not safe. It only takes one person with vivid imagination and believable being true, And a motive to prevert the court of justice for financial gain, in some cases this happens in courts everyday.

It seems its the in thing now in some cases, as a rule of thumb the accuser gets away with it. But the case with Rolf Harris the Australian entertainer is actually what really happened the accusers were in it for the money and the jury were speechless and Rolf Harris was a Free man, who can remember what happened in 1974 I have struggling remembering what I did last week. It’s a 24/7 world now I don’t have time now I better get some sleep it’s early morning here and I have to get up in a couple of hrs goodnight to you all it’s sleepy time now


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