Tom cruise proves Age does not matter in the latest survey

This man is Awsome his latest film of his masterpiece Mission Impossile films has skyrocketed to out perform in second place $15 million earned in second place Mamma Mia here  we go again.

cruise is a phenomenal Actor he is totally amazing, his latest film topped to number one $US 61.5 million over three days.

Tom cruise is a natural in what he does a born legend and will continue many films for many years to come,

Many film Actors tend to retire in the coming years but Tom cruise has stamina and endurance of what he does best, one of the best actors in the history of Hollywood,not many actors have the stamina and endurance that cruise has.what is his secret to success.

i think everyone knows,I can’t say but I assure you it has been targeted several times in the news in general.

for me that is the reason I look up to him of his film accomplishments,down to earth and that smile in Top Gun that cheekiness he has kept him going and Awsome of energy as well his own stunts.

Has made Tom Cruise as world class accomplished Actor





cruise ship
Photo by David Dibert on

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