I am going to retire of a research scientist.in the coming days I will concentrate more of the arts and entertainment industry. Just a change of pace,and in general I spent too much time on researching and not much sleep in twenty years and spend more time to try and resurrect my old passion in the arts and entertainment industry Coming soon it’s all about me.finally and concentrate more of getting real work, most will disagree but in reality you do get paid like any other industry, in the arts and entertainment industry.and soon will go on another tangent in life and connecting more to my old passion and soon putting up information.of my imbdpro profile and share with my fellow colleagues and re connect.and I know times moves on.i have no choice and now I still have the time to do it.before time beats me.to the grave.

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We all have to take responsibility to look after this Earth.it’s our home and the only planet,that has the right atmosphere for all living things.no other planet is like it. It’s unique and one of a kind in our solar system

eye of the storm image from outer space
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