We are all on our way to extinction. see below and it will shock you and living proof the bible is evidently proves that Enoch was right, but can we save our species,of course we can, the only problem we have to ditch the digital technology if we are ever to survive as a species and this time we have to be more methodical.and more slower in our thinking to get it right.




Attent :please read this slowly and be extra careful you might miss detail that is relevant to follow, I know it’s hard to digest all this. But please take your time it’s not only you are affected but all living things as well our species at stake you are our last hope of our spdcies to get this right  thank you. If you want to re read this it’s all good.

When was the last time  we had heavy rain,it’s been quite awhile. We caused it we played too much with the weather and facing the consequences of our actions, that was why the bible was written and I am Jewish from my fathers side from my mother side was German. I am the last one of my kind.

What I am going to prove even further that in NSW in Australia Friday 3/8/2018

in NSW blue mountains past week 1.5 mm past year 715 mm a big drop total supply for past week 11.243 ML

average daily supply 1 607 ML

we are over using digital technology 24/7 to extreme levels causing radiation at high levels of the digital satellites that are emitting high levels of toxins of radiation in our atmosphere, that is causing heatwaves and amino affects causing most parts of European countries already affected.some countries are already in drought. Even sink holes are rapidly increasing, in countries because shortage of amino acids taken out of the ground to help oil supply as well other purposes but don’t panic as a species we must be strong to survive,

The skies are thinning out of oxygen causing amino affects in our  atmosohere and weather patterns and causing draught in parts of Europe but the world population does not help its a seperate issue for now but to concentrate getting our old weather patterns back up and running that’s our priority first to save our species and hog those oxygen full of clouds that can produce enough oxygen that can regenerate our oceans with highly blue Rich oxygen waters we once had, which condensate into clouds from heat particles that can transform lushes blue oxygen rich clouds we once had and let  Mother Nature take it course.

but first we have to go back in time  the time of the Mayans and why they were extinct.i have said for a long time that food shortages and extreme heatwaves caused the population to die out and now it’s happening again.we have not still learn from the mistakes from the past.And we have no choice to make amends of our mistakes we must learn as a species.

we can get those lushes blue skies we once had up there agsin and now it’s more than a pale light  blue.

Lets think about the population explosion we had for a minute, but a reminder we live in a 24/7 world meaning we are using digital technology 24/7 not good just imagine how many times we charge our phones and digital devices 24/7 that runs our electricity to charge our phones and think about how much water that produces electricity to charge our phones 24/7

its time to ditch the digital technology and come up with something else that does not work on water resources, we have the power to change new technology to save our planet and our species, but we are running out of time because of massive heatwaves.it maybe to late that depends how quckly we make amends of all this.

If we don’t do it now due to my calculations the rate we are going it could be two to three yrs or more from now it could be too late





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