Is AI technology going to be New leaders of the world of tomorrow ?

Well no doubt it will happen it’s inevitable,

Every time you go on a website you have a visual assistance 24/7 AI  help service it’s on all telcos sites that is automatically will help you, what ever you do don’t tell the visual assistance to recharge. It’s rude. Just a liitle gag, I just love being funny sometimes,

seriously they are slowly taking over, and now latest trends that men are maryying robots now it’s the In thing for them. I hope they don’t say the screw word they just might get offended, and may give them a spark snd a electoral shock across the face, oh dear being funny again.

well it’s all good now I am robotic but everyone say it, you might hear it from different people,all good, perhaps we are becoming robots in thoughts and motion it’s weird and predictable. Is our brains coming to be programmed by AI technology

And could it eventually run the corporation Apple as well government,everything is programmed by AI Technology. Even the army  globally. of  their military capabilities

Can I assist you

That’s me being stupid I am not an AI assistance I want your name and birth well I can drop dead saying that because it’s true.

AI is slowly taking over the world and one day CEOS of big corporations will be replaced oh dear we need Arnie back. Don’t say terminator just say you are to be replaced but first I have to plug it in and recharge it, and up agsin within 25 minutes so my robot can do the work for at least another month.

But it’s all good.😀 Sorry about that folks


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Jimmy's Den

I am a research scientist, ahead of mainstream, and ahead of my times.with continuous ideas,I love digging into the unknown to the mysterious universe and superstition.function of society and behaviour of people.and why forbidden knowledge must be remain hidden at all cost and for a reason.i don't like to trivialise, but find a reasonable explanation to get the heart of the truth to our unatural universe behaviour and life in general, life is not always logic there is always that unknown reason. Media short films leading roles to supporting roles,which one stood out the most. Twenty epidodes of an extra with Neighbours including a guest role which started the ball rolling for me.and moved on with Wordpress and imbdpro,Pinterest and imbd,as well casting frontier,so buckle up and take a look on my blog sit back with a cofee and emjoy the read

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