How To be a Natural 

We are all driven to succeed in the materialistic world of money and power, and often forget who you are.The fact is  everyone wants it,To be rich and debt free.but under neath the covers,there is a soul waiting to be discovered. In some cases all of us ignore it, that money comes first and how much we want and how big you want the house.but there is  more to life than people think. No one really cares how much you earn,all it does it makes people envious or jealous, why would they want it all, I deserve to get more money and I will get it and I don’t care if someone’s hurt in the process, approach. It’s not a curse but a natural thing we all do, from all walks of life.whether you are famous on the red carpet or the president and congress making decisions that affects all of Americans.

The most important is,Be your self and don’t deny in who you are, we are all gifted and highly skilled at something, regardless of what age.we all face that difficulty, what do you want ? money and wealth or someone important to this world.and to ask yourself, what do I want to accomplish  in life.Be significant. Do what you are born to do, Do something meaningful and worthwhile.and do it for yourself,do what you are naturally good at. And that is the secret of the Gold at the end of the rainbow and longevity in your career, be inspired and be motivated, we all deserve that, and we all  deserve  to lead much better and healthier lives.    

Audition and getting that Role

There are many Resason’s why Actors fail, You may have the look for the part, But when the camera’s are rolling, You might not perfom up to standard, The very best the beginner can do is become an Extra, So you can build up confidence.and  leaveing  the ego at home.Somtimes Directors look at more than one resaon in getting the succesful applicant.The main reason they look out for, is finding you are capable for the Role,I must admit i have done this many times, when I Audition.No Audition is perfect, Just do your best and make sure the Role you audition either matches up or you connect with.and dont take it personally, if you fail, learn by your last Audition and think how you can improve. Dont take the audition, If you are looking for that job or a quick way making money.Otherwise it gets harder in finding that perfect Role. Be honest and be compatable of the Role you apply for.


The Times are in a loop of modern film making

In a world of change, over the years the fracture of film making has changed, its very much a digital world, with Actors on a limb and screenwriters quite different to previous traditions, its very much in a loop.The old days of film making, screenwriting and traditional costs, have been radicaly reduced and has made it easy financely for filmakers in general, and some have gone independcence, Thats where the market  is  at the moment.Social Media is driving the market, A lot of young directors are making films on a low budget, The old style of film making has not bucked the trend as yet, still today they are holding the fort strong to stay in there and making top blockbuster films.

I believe we should stick to the old ways on a story based idea, which makes the screenwriter use his work freely and creatively. but digitally pont of view it  has made it easy, the trouble with digital  is caught in a loop of not so detail, Story based,  But a random process which emphasise on action, speed and agilty and  has radacially moved a lot quicker, As modern digital films today are  less expensive to make . its so much easy to make them  on tablets and  modern Software.the style of digital film has  a greater influence more than ever.

This affects Hollywood blockbusters and effect the earning of not only the Actor but the screenwriting process. The old days of a masterpiece with detail is not so important now what it was like twenty years ago. we are entering into another period of the times in a loop, Either stick to the old ways or digitally entering   a short Radical  low budget feature films being made  more often .or go back to the detail of film making. personally i love both of these paradoxes.that makes the whole process a lot more intersting, In realty of it all, investors take a gamble in investing of billions of dollars for a box office Hit, As times moves along makes it harder and gets more expensive to help thrill the audience.maybe in the future in the twenty first century, There could be hologramic films or maybe a cosmic platouers of telepotion through telepapahy of style of films.What ever comes our  way, it will be  a fascinating journey, For both the film maker and the screenwriter, I hope its not too soon, As modern technolgy has come leaps and bounds, and inuandated more and more. It will become harder and harder whats trending and what not, This creates a loop for modrn day film making.

UFOs have become a reality in films as well Tv series and a hit in the 21st century

If you believe in God, does that make you religious.? What is God ? Who is God ? Where does he come from? It says in the bible in Genesis God created the heavens and the Earth. Which proves he was not religious, but a creator in human terms our maker of all living things. If the words stated in the beginning  God created the heavens and the Earth. How did he do it. It tells us each day for seven days in it all happened, so what was the technology in how he did it. But before we go even further. It is very descriptive as if. God might have come from space and used his technology from a spaceship that could have some feasibility to it, logistically. This also explains God might have been alien. Through out humanity and through out the ages, it has been reported in the scriptures as well today in mainstream, which explains why UFOS might have existed, it sounds plausible and still a secret to this day. Many movies have been made even the great Orson wells broadcasted a practicle joke on his radio program. That panicked Americia even novelists and poets through out the ages. Have made assumptions about UFOs as well tv series as Star Trek and Lost in space, it has become an directors as well an Actors dream,