Audition and getting that Role

There are many Resason’s why Actors fail, You may have the look for the part, But when the camera’s are rolling, You might not perfom up to standard, The very best the beginner can do is become an Extra, So you can build up confidence.and  leaveing  the ego at home.Somtimes Directors look at more than one resaon in getting the succesful applicant.The main reason they look out for, is finding you are capable for the Role,I must admit i have done this many times, when I Audition.No Audition is perfect, Just do your best and make sure the Role you audition either matches up or you connect with.and dont take it personally, if you fail, learn by your last Audition and think how you can improve. Dont take the audition, If you are looking for that job or a quick way making money.Otherwise it gets harder in finding that perfect Role. Be honest and be compatable of the Role you apply for.