This is Dire warning to all Telstra customers, My Twitter account has been blocked my Twitter account has been removed.down below is what I wrote,yes truth does hurt.i assume my WordPress is it’s final has already been cancelled,it’s a matter of time.when, This account will soon be deleted.


What’s the average bill now $300 per month or pre paid of $50 with only 7 GB Not much GB with the amount of data you use.few weeks ago,you had more data Within a reasonable price of $55 for 30 GB at BIg W.All the rules have changed now, Be alert be aware shop around.i hope some of you don’t have a high mortgage.


Is Sydney becoming fast in becoming a Ghost City with their lock out laws


Sydney was once upon a time to place to see,with entertainment all year round, have they gone to far extreme, to cripple the city and no jobs for musicians or other entertainment venues.its about time they Reconsider.Lock out Laws is a joke,its not 1645 its 2018 whats next put up the most wanted signs around the city declaring martial law.i still have hope for Sydney, there are other ways to deal with liquor laws,lets bring back common sense and be practicle

Do robots sleep. Are they going to destroy mankind. I don’t think so just be csreful and whenever they are on charge at night,always switch off if you think otherwise. But don’t worry sleep well and rember turn off the light. Robots get paranoid about that.all good,


My bloodline is European and yet I was born in an Australian family,I was the odd one out.i know a lot of history of the European countries.i have had many immigrants come up and talk to me.i am more European than Australian. My Next journey is going to Europe and follow my ancestors where they lived.i love the history there, I hope one day to go over, via pass England to see my relatives I have day I will make it happen.